4 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Bhutan

August 9, 2018

Beautiful, vibrant and mysterious, Bhutan is a terrific tourist destination. A unique conglomeration of spiritual divinity, natural beauty, and adrenalin-rushing adventure, the place is so charming that you just cannot say no to a holiday in Bhutan. It has so much to offer that you will be at a loss for words to explain its magic. Nevertheless, here is an attempt to explain the love affair. Check out the four reasons that made me fall for the Himalayan kingdom.

Thrilling trekking trails

Bhutan is a trekker’s delight no matter which of the Bhutan holiday packages you pick. The jaw-dropping mountain trails test your stamina but also take you to stunning destinations like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery that is situated on the edge of a cliff. You can choose from as many as 23 large walkways and every moment that you will spend while trekking is going to be a memory in itself. What is more, you are welcomed with enriching sights of natural beauty and wildlife at every step.

Profound living philosophy

The Bhutanese are closely rooted in tradition and their lifestyle reflects the reverence and love they harbour for their culture. Their concern for the future also shows in the country’s sustainable development policies one of which is Gross National Happiness, an index of national development. The smiling faces of the Bhutanese, their traditional attires, and the quiet ambience makes an instant impression on your mind.

Indigenous nightlife

Bhutan offers a unique nightlife at its home-sprung clubs. The entertainment comes packed with the flavors of native culture. The local nightclubs light up your evenings with songs where performers regale the audiences with their requests. The cosy wooden club interiors enveloped in disco balls and colorful lights are truly one of a kind. Quaint yet colorful, they make your nights blissful every passing second.

Spicy food

The cuisine of Bhutan is as thrilling as its mountain trails but like the trails, they are rewarding too. The chilli-seasoned dishes like Ema Datsi, Phaksha Paa tickle your taste buds with incredible intensity while the magnificent momos make your day with their mouth-watering filling. When it is time to indulge in some wine, you have the local drink Ara, light and freshly-brewed that uplifts your mood in minutes.

Bhutan is sheer magic! You have got to come here once to believe it. So, choose one of the Bhutan packages from Mumbai and land straightway into the wonderland.

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