3 Must Visit Places In Bhutan

August 9, 2018

Bhutan is one of the most amazing tourist destinations on earth. Bestowed with natural beauty, spirituality and adventure, it is the perfect conglomeration of diverse destination flavors that give a tourist spot a place on every tourist’s bucket list. The landlocked Buddhist kingdom is blessed with numerous charming sites and therefore, it becomes somewhat difficult to pick one from the basket of Bhutan tour packages.

There is so much to see and explore that one trip seems insufficient. Nevertheless, there are some places in Bhutan which, if visited, gives you sufficient satisfaction and you get the feeling of a complete Bhutan tour.

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

No matter which of the Bhutan holiday packages you choose, the Taktsang Monastery features on all of them. Perched on the edge of a dangerously high cliff, it offers a breathtaking sight of the Paro valley and its storied caves weave a mysterious spectacle that is too magnificent to be put into words. Whether you are seeking adventure, fun, serenity, or beauty, you are sure to find it here. You can trek, meditate or simply marvel at the uniqueness of the sacred site that stands tall amidst glorious mountains.

Tashichho Dzong

Situated on the northern edge of Thimpu, this is a Buddhist monastery and fortress that houses a host of wonders. It is the seat of the national government, the throne’s room of the King of Bhutan and the national library. It is home to thirty temples and shrines and awes every visitor with its regal aura and artistic beauty. Last but not the least, it is the venue of the famous four-day Tshechu festival where you get a chance to watch the intriguing mask dances.


A nature lover’s ultimate recipe, the Paro valley is surrounded by ripe green rice fields, old monasteries, and quaint houses. The peaceful atmosphere and the clean air rejuvenate your soul in seconds and as you trek around the town, you are greeted by many sacred sites, monuments, and buildings that leave you completely mesmerized.

So, if you are scanning Bhutan packages from Mumbai and wondering what to visit and whatnot, you can kiss goodbye to all your worries. If these three destinations are there in the package, you can be sure of enjoying a perfect Bhutan tour.

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