3 International Trips that Cost less than your Smartphone

August 9, 2018

Looking to plan an international trip? Feeling deterred by the cost of foreign travel? Do not worry. Taking that dream international trip does not mean breaking your bank. Yes, you may have held the notion that foreign trips are expensive luxuries but this is only partially true. There are a lot of international tourist destinations that are easy on your pockets and cost less than your smartphone. Yes, you heard it right! This is true and here we present three such terrific destinations.


The green and glorious Himalayan kingdom is a treat for tourists. You can visit it without a passport. A scenic wonder layered with adventure, mystery, and fun, it is perfect for groups, families, couples as well as solo travelers. You can pick Bhutan holiday packages for a rejuvenating retreat in the country. Travel, food, and stay would cost around INR 35,000 approximately. A road trip in shared cab or bus will be much cheaper. So, you need not worry about money. Just pick one of the Bhutan Packages from Mumbai or the city that you live in and head straightaway to the magical abode.


Famous for its friendly and fun-loving culture, Thailand is a fabulous tourist destination that lets you enjoy an exotic trip at an easygoing price. Bustling with thrilling nightlife and lively beaches, it charms the adventure-seeking souls in seconds and also enthrals the brooding art buffs with its ancient monuments and temples. The Asian country is truly versatile and therefore, a must-visit. An average one-week trip would cost around INR 35,000. Food and stay are pretty much economical and you never feel the dreaded foreign trip pinch during the tour.

Sri Lanka

The neighbouring island nation offers to be the ultimate dream for backpackers. The serene beaches, rolling surf, quaint monuments- all beckon tourists with their unique beauty and warmth. You can relax, take safari tours, observe the tea plants, and explore the place at a leisurely pace absorbing its wonders that have remained largely hidden from the eyes of the tourists for long. The tourist packages to the island start from INR 15,000 and a trip, whether solo or on a group, is fairly easy on the pockets.

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